Fire prisms and near disasters with varnish.

As I've had some issues with paint chipping off early on in my hobby "career", I, like many others, have taken to applying a spray of varnish over the models when I finish painting (or in between layers at times).

So far I've never had any issues, but when I recently finished a couple fire prisms, my day was pretty much ruined.

When I had let them dry, and took a look, they were literally hideous, the varnish had gathered in blotches all over the model, and it simply looked like the paint was peeling off over 90% of the model.

Having put quite a lot of work in to them in many sessions over the past few months, I went to bed extremely depressed, and very much not looking forward to having to redo them.

After a nights sleep, I realized the many times I've read about other people having issues with spray paint and varnish causing a huge amount of white dots, and other blemishes, and the advice I've usually given them myself (hey when annoyed with a model being ruined you don't think straight): Make sure it's not too cold, make sure it's not too warm, don't spray in high humidity, and if the varnish gets messed up, try another coat when it's better conditions, as due to the way varnish works, this will likely fill in the bits causing your ruined effect.

So having put the varnish in the living room for a while, rather then in the cold garage, I set about spraying them again, and presto, models restored.
The moral of the story being, if something happens that screws up your work, take a moment to calm down, think it through, and look for solutions, quite often you don't have to start over completely, but there's a simple technique to use to fix things.

Now as for how they look after managing to fix them, here's some pictures of the end result:

Both prisms front view

Both prisms front view

Both prisms top rear view

Both prisms rear view

Prism side view

Prism top down view

Fire prism turrets

I've been a bit busy lately getting my Necrons to a playable state, playing some actual games (omg Apocalypse is fun), and playing some computer games.
As such it's been a while since I made any progress on my Eldar, and because of that, I decided to work on them again this week.

I finished the fire prism turrets yesterday (magnetized so they can also be nightspinner turrets), and plan on finishing the nightspinner weapons, and the hulls this week as well (so coming in a post soon)

They're basically done, aside from needing a varnish spray, and then a gloss coat on the gems. (the prism weapons themselves still need the gems and some touching up obviously)

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets side view
It's a little hard to see on the pictures, but the prism crystals are in fact see through. I was quite happy with how they turned out :)

The tomb world awakens

I've spent most of last and this month on things other then painting and assembling models for once.
Played some apocalypse, played some computer games, and played a game against Necrons with my Eldar.

The Necron game really made me want to start working on my own necrons, and as such that is what I'm currently up to.

I only just started these, so they're very much work in progress, but that'll change quite soon.
Currently I'm working on a squad of warriors, a destroyer, overlord and some scarabs.

The mighty?? Necron warhost

The destroyer currently still has the standard green rods, but I want these necrons to stand out a bit more, so those, and the rods for the warriors, will be replaced with blue rods as soon as I get them in.

This is also the reason for the blue orbs and such on the overlord.

Overlord with ressurection orb

Overlord side view

Overlord rear/side view

The catacomb command/annihilation barge that came with the overlord, I still need to magnetize some bits on, so that will be in a future update, as well as hopefully some more paint work on these models.

Mini photo studio

In efforts to improve my photographs of mini's I've been wanting to pick up one of  these for a while.

After many months of issues getting one (I live in Iceland, and 90% of the sellers on amazon do not like delivering here), I finally found a company that ships here, and it arrived last week.

The phototent is 40x40x40 cm big, and as such more then enough for mini photography, as obvious by my nightwing pictures.
It comes in (and is part off) a decent carrying bag.

Carrying bag, the straps on front hold the flap over the storage slots closed.
and has three slots for the lights and "tripod"

The 3 storage slots, 2 lights on either side, and the "tripod" in the middle.


One of the lights.

The lights themselves have slide out stands, which also fold out in case you want them a tad longer/higher.

Light with the stand slid out.

The extra foldout in the stands.

The "tripod" comes in two parts, of which the stand folds out, and the shaft can tilt/turn in multiple directions, as well as slide out to be longer. You attach the shaft to the stand, by twisting off the bottom, and then attaching it again when put through the hole in the stand.

Shaft on the left, with the screw that goes in the stand on the right.

Full assembly, with the shaft at max length.

The rest of the bag folds open to reveal the different colour backdrops, and the tent itself.
You fold out the sides, and attach them to each other with velcro, then the back of the bag becomes the top of the tent, it also has the velcro to hang the backdrop off of.

It comes with red, blue, black, and white backdrops.

Once you open up the velcro flap on the back, it folds open to reveal the 3 white sides.

All 3 sides opened, the white back is attached to the right with velcro.

The back of the bag, now becomes the black top of the tent, from which the backdrop is then hung.

Full assembly, as you can see the back of the bag is now the top of the tent, and the lights are on either side.
All in all, it's a very nice and easy to set up tool, that gives you much better lighting on your mini's and the tripod makes certain you don't get blurry pictures from your shaky hands.
The carrying bag is quite nice, and I like that it forms the tent, the only bad thing in this regards, is that I would have liked another zippered sleeve or similar to fit the backdrops in, as currently they're just wedged in between, and I'm a bit worried about them falling out in transit.

At about £30/$50/€40 I'd say this is definitely worth the money, and will improve your miniature photo's by a lot with little effort.

Here's a picture I did after I just received it, and spent about 2 minutes setting it up (in other words, I didn't spend any time on light distance/direction, had the camera set to auto on macro mode, and just grabbed the nearest mini)

Dreadfleet mini, painted by a friend.
In summary, my pictures have already improved by using this, and doing some more investigation in to manual settings on my camera.
A little lighting, a tripod, and the right settings really do wonders!

Some changes

So as I am getting to that point where I have multiple armies, and even different game systems, I want to be able to post my progress on those as well.

The blog however is mainly for my Eldar, and as such I didn't want everything mixed in together.

I've done some massive edits to the main page template, so I can hide certain posts from here (in other words other armies/games), yet display them on other pages.

I am still going to show them in the blog archive links, and in the feed, so it'll be obvious that there is something new, but for the blog itself they will be separate from now on.

You'll note the Dark Eldar, and Necrons links for now in the navigation above (yes I know Necrons don't have any posts yet ;)) as those are armies I have currently.

Please let me know if anything stops working, or looks odd after my messing around in the template code, by shooting me an email at shadowbreed223 (at)

Eldar Nightwing finished

Well it took a while longer then I thought, but with actually playing some warhammer, and having family visit inbetween, it couldn't really be done faster.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, aside from the slightly bent brightlance at the bottom, unfortunately this one is incredibly tenacious in bending back in room temperature, no matter how many times I give it the hot water technique.

More Dark Eldar

Finished assembling the warriors and wyches, and got the 4th war walker ready for paint:

War walker waiting to be painted



Wyches up close

Warriors and war walker