Back 2 Base-ix the rack, acrylic hobby desk organizer

Ever since the rest of my painting group decided to quit warhammer, I've had a pretty large table to myself.
Even so, I've managed to get so much stuff crammed in, that I still run out of space to put things.
This is the disaster that was my hobby area:

I decided it was time to do something about it, and after watching a blue table painting video on "the rack" from back 2 base-ix, this seemed the perfect solution.
The website offers multiple different parts, which connect with rare-earth magnets, to form a whole rack.
You can customize which parts you want, and which colors/material, and which paint types you want it to hold.
I opted for a multi-part rack, with space for tools, bits, GW paints, and vallejo paints.

Once it arrives, it's a little daunting.. all of it needs assembly, and I know what you're thinking, how hard can it be? Well... very, you definitely need the video manuals for at least the first section you try to put together.
Thankfully it comes with a DVD manual for this (although mine was missing, but after a quick message they sent me the DVD and a link to youtube versions to get going), so once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite easy to put together.

I received the following parts:

Main section with GW paints, and 2 drawers

Front view of main section
Bits box drawers

The bits boxes are included

Tool rack, with boxes for flock etc.
Tool rack front view.
Inner corner, with vallejo paint layout 

Inner corner front view
External corner with GW paint layout

As you may notice, the tool rack is currently missing its drawer, which is because I received a wrong sized one (another of the size for the main section), their customer service is pretty quick though, and a new one is already on its way.

All sections have 2 rare-earth magnets on the side, so once they're attached to each other they don't slide away from each other, and all sections come with rubber feet, so I've not seen any issues with keeping the whole thing together.

The only thing that was a bit dissapointing, is that the bits box doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the design. It's about half height, and simply box shaped so I had to leave it to the side.

Here's some pictures of the completed setup, with a much nicer hobby area as a result.

Side view from behind the vallejo corner

Tool rack, Internal and external GW corners, bits box on the far right.

Main section, tool rack, and internal GW corner

Vallejo corners, and main section

Main section and tool rack

Overview of entire rack

All in all, aside from some minor issues with delivery, which were rectified within half a hour, I'm extremely happy with the result.
I've got a nice hobby area now, with space for all my paints, and tools. and plenty of open space inbetween to work.
The rest of the table is suddenly nicely empty, so time to fit more models? ;)

Mini photo studio

In efforts to improve my photographs of mini's I've been wanting to pick up one of  these for a while.

After many months of issues getting one (I live in Iceland, and 90% of the sellers on amazon do not like delivering here), I finally found a company that ships here, and it arrived last week.

The phototent is 40x40x40 cm big, and as such more then enough for mini photography, as obvious by my nightwing pictures.
It comes in (and is part off) a decent carrying bag.

Carrying bag, the straps on front hold the flap over the storage slots closed.
and has three slots for the lights and "tripod"

The 3 storage slots, 2 lights on either side, and the "tripod" in the middle.


One of the lights.

The lights themselves have slide out stands, which also fold out in case you want them a tad longer/higher.

Light with the stand slid out.

The extra foldout in the stands.

The "tripod" comes in two parts, of which the stand folds out, and the shaft can tilt/turn in multiple directions, as well as slide out to be longer. You attach the shaft to the stand, by twisting off the bottom, and then attaching it again when put through the hole in the stand.

Shaft on the left, with the screw that goes in the stand on the right.

Full assembly, with the shaft at max length.

The rest of the bag folds open to reveal the different colour backdrops, and the tent itself.
You fold out the sides, and attach them to each other with velcro, then the back of the bag becomes the top of the tent, it also has the velcro to hang the backdrop off of.

It comes with red, blue, black, and white backdrops.

Once you open up the velcro flap on the back, it folds open to reveal the 3 white sides.

All 3 sides opened, the white back is attached to the right with velcro.

The back of the bag, now becomes the black top of the tent, from which the backdrop is then hung.

Full assembly, as you can see the back of the bag is now the top of the tent, and the lights are on either side.
All in all, it's a very nice and easy to set up tool, that gives you much better lighting on your mini's and the tripod makes certain you don't get blurry pictures from your shaky hands.
The carrying bag is quite nice, and I like that it forms the tent, the only bad thing in this regards, is that I would have liked another zippered sleeve or similar to fit the backdrops in, as currently they're just wedged in between, and I'm a bit worried about them falling out in transit.

At about £30/$50/€40 I'd say this is definitely worth the money, and will improve your miniature photo's by a lot with little effort.

Here's a picture I did after I just received it, and spent about 2 minutes setting it up (in other words, I didn't spend any time on light distance/direction, had the camera set to auto on macro mode, and just grabbed the nearest mini)

Dreadfleet mini, painted by a friend.
In summary, my pictures have already improved by using this, and doing some more investigation in to manual settings on my camera.
A little lighting, a tripod, and the right settings really do wonders!

Battlefoam 1520 XL Eldar loadout

I recently bought a battlefoam bag for my own birthday, and have to say I'm very pleased with what I received.

Having looked online for any pictures of how eldar fit in to it, and being unable to find any such pictures, I figured I'd do a little review, and show some pictures myself.

Warning: all models are work in progress, or not even at that stage yet :P

 To start out, I set a goal for what I wanted to have army wise, when I'm "done" with my eldar collection.
I managed to come up with about 8k worth of points (including weapon options on most) that would actually fit in this bag.

After figuring out which models I would need to fit, I started by selecting some standard trays:

1 x (Eldar) 12 Eldar Jetbike 18 Troop Foam Tray

1 x (Eldar) 30 Fire Dragon Foam Tray
1 x (Eldar) 25 Warp Spiders 11 Swooping Hawks Foam Tray
1 x (Eldar) Eldar Troop Foam Tray (BF-1) (1 inch)

Then I  modified the loadout of the "Eldar Named Character Troop Foam Tray", by asking to have the spaces for the 9 dire avengers at the bottom replaced with:
1 more Autarch with Power Sword space, 2 warlock with witchblade spaces, and 5 more warlock with singing spear spaces.

In addition I designed 3 trays myself with their tray creator:

After a few emails to discuss the details of what I wanted (mostly with regards to the named character tray), the bag arrived this last month.

It's made from canvas, with a rigid interior to protect the trays, so even when empty it stays in shape perfectly.
There's a zipper on the front, in which you can fit codexes and templates and such:

Then on each side there's a bigger bag, that will fit things like the BRB:

The handle bar will extend, similar to suitcases, and it has 2 wheels on the back so it can roll.
In addition the back has 2 bags, for which I am yet to find any use.. they're a bit too narrow and deep to put anything in it, that I can think of so far:

The bag opens on the front, so you can either take out the trays while it's standing up, or just lay it on its back and then take them out.
It fits about 22 inches of foam, and each tray comes with a bottom made out of stronger foam, so they're quite sturdy.

Now as I am magnetizing everything, I only need space for wave serpents without turrets (although they do fit even with turrets). As such, the custom tray I ordered will fit 2 wave serpents on top of each other, with a spacer inbetween (that was supplied as I asked for it). It is 4.5 inches thick so it will fit both, as well as my forgeworld avatar (sword version) in the 4 inch circle in the middle.
I also added a box on the side of the jetbike shapes, to fit the turrets:

4 serpents, up to 14 jetbikes.
I asked for some spacers for the jetbikes as well, and received the entire cutouts for each one, so I can make as many as I want really.
Jetbike cutout for spacers

Top wave serpent
Serpent spacer
Bottom serpent
Turret storage.

The second custom tray, I designed for 6 war walkers, 3 wraithlords, storage for any weapon options (both for the walkers/wraithlords, and the serpents) and another space for the avatar/anything else large.
This one is 5 inches deep, fitting the avatar with ease.
I also added a large rectangle for storage of any kind, and some smaller ones to hold weapons again.
Walker/wraithlord tray.
Warwalker in its slot.
Wraithlord in its slot.
The last custom tray is for fire prisms, and some more jetbikes, plus some more storage boxes, for the nightspinner weapons, and other things.
It's only 2.5 inches deep, so no spacers for this one.
Fire prism tray.
Fire prism in its slot, note the space in the front for the prism crystal, and the space in the back for the antenna.
The named character tray with my modications. (sorry I don't have any phoenix lords yet, and haven't done much work on any warlocks/farseers at this time:
Named char/warlock tray.

Warlock slot, he fits quite nicely.
Farseer, sorry no head/right arm, but should show how it fits.

Bone singer fits in one of the 3 standard slots.

As for standard trays, excuse the lack of heads/arms on the guardians and dire avengers. I'm just using them to show the size.

12 Eldar Jetbike 18 Troop Foam Tray
This one is 2 inches deep, so models can stand in the slots, quite handy with swords and pistols sticking out otherwise.
The dire avenger autarch fits on his back in the bigger slots.
Jetbike, and DA Exarch with banner.
Models can stand in these slots.
30 Fire Dragon Foam Tray. This will hold banshees/fire dragons/dire avengers.
1.5 inch deep.
Dire avengers will fit quite well in these it seems.
25 Warp Spiders 11 Swooping Hawks Foam Tray
1.5 inch deep. This will hold my spiders/swoops/dark reapers.

 And the last tray, is a standard Eldar Troop Foam Tray of 1 Inch.
In this one models will not be able to stand up, but lying down you can still fit quite a bit.

All in all I'm quite happy with the case. It takes some wiggling to get all the trays in, but once they're in it's rock solid, and I do love the storage for the codexes and BRB.