Big things on the horizon

While the revenant titan is nearing completion, things haven't been quiet on the Necron front either.

The latest addition has been a Tesseract Vault, with the C'tan magnetized so it can be used as a transcendant C'tan as well:

Back in action - Revenant titan

Well it's been a loooong time.
I took a year of not doing warhammer at all, and then when I got back to it, my friend and me decided to rename the blog and do it together... and then completely forgot about it for about 2 years.

I figure it's time to finally get back to it, and while I'm at it, it's been loooong overdue to finally finish on the revenant titan from (wow) 3 years ago. Too scared to work on it for several years, but now I have an airbrush, and got over the fear of drilling in to it a while ago, so there's progress!

I intend to finish the paint job on the titan itself by the end of the week, and then need to finish the base.

As for the blog, there should be more updates coming finally, and for multiple different armies.

Forgeworld Avatar has arrived

 Some of the pictures look moved, but this is just the shadows, from weird light angles. The model pieces themselves should be in proper focus.
I'll fix the lighting in future pictures.



 Right arm:

Left arm with wailing doom:


Now as this is clearly going to be one of the main visuals in my army, it is going to take a long time to paint, as I want it to look epic. More to come!