Eldar Lynx pt2

After a good bit of progress on the first revenant titan, I had a bit of an issue with the masking tape being too strong... Suffice to say, I get to redo the whole body after scraping off all the paint.

Having since bought some tamiya masking tape instead, things are starting to progress again, and inbetween scraping off paint, I'm working on the lynx.

So far I've got the main colour scheme down, and now it's mostly just tidying up lines, and working on details.

Meanwhile the revenants really need to get done soon, so I can make space and time for the cobra mark II and Eldar Phantom Titan that I have since received:

Eldar Lynx

Well the power supply for the spray booth has finally arrived (Icelandic customs were a bit difficult for a while) so there should be progress on the titans very soon again.

In the mean while however, I was working on the fire drakes, which are nearly done prepping, while vulkan is chilling in a soapy bath.

I also could not resist working on the lynx a bit, and it looks awesome!
It currently has everything attached that doesn't need to be painted seperately, and is awaiting its soapy bath before painting.

While working on it, it felt like similar size to wave serpents/falcons/prisms.. then I put one next to it.

Vulkan lives

Well there's a bit of a delay on the titan as I nearly passed out using the airbrush. 

I've since gotten a proper mask and a spray booth, however unfortunately the power supply for the spray booth wasn't in the package.

While waiting for the replacement power supply I've instead been working on preparing the second revenant, and as a big package has just arrived I could not resist working a bit on Vulkan.

Coming up next, both revenant titans, a squadron of vypers, 2 wraith knights, vulkan, fire drakes, an eldar lynx and possibly some other stuff, as usual in random order

Eldar Nightwing finished

Well it took a while longer then I thought, but with actually playing some warhammer, and having family visit inbetween, it couldn't really be done faster.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, aside from the slightly bent brightlance at the bottom, unfortunately this one is incredibly tenacious in bending back in room temperature, no matter how many times I give it the hot water technique.

Forgeworld birthday goodies have arrived, Revenant titan, nightwing, and shadow spectres.

So my mom decided to send me some awesome Warhammer stuff for my birthday at the end of the month, and of course I could not resist opening them early, as they're already here.

There's the whole batch :), Revenant titan in the middle, Shadow spectre exarch bottom left, Shadow spectre phoenix lord Irillyth bottom right, nightwing top left, and shadow spectre squad top right.

Squad of shadow spectres.
Shadow spectre exarch

Phoenix lord Irillyth
Eldar Nightwing

Hurray the titan has all the parts \o/
It's huge.. note the wraithlord (WIP) next to the chest piece.