Fire prisms and near disasters with varnish.

As I've had some issues with paint chipping off early on in my hobby "career", I, like many others, have taken to applying a spray of varnish over the models when I finish painting (or in between layers at times).

So far I've never had any issues, but when I recently finished a couple fire prisms, my day was pretty much ruined.

When I had let them dry, and took a look, they were literally hideous, the varnish had gathered in blotches all over the model, and it simply looked like the paint was peeling off over 90% of the model.

Having put quite a lot of work in to them in many sessions over the past few months, I went to bed extremely depressed, and very much not looking forward to having to redo them.

After a nights sleep, I realized the many times I've read about other people having issues with spray paint and varnish causing a huge amount of white dots, and other blemishes, and the advice I've usually given them myself (hey when annoyed with a model being ruined you don't think straight): Make sure it's not too cold, make sure it's not too warm, don't spray in high humidity, and if the varnish gets messed up, try another coat when it's better conditions, as due to the way varnish works, this will likely fill in the bits causing your ruined effect.

So having put the varnish in the living room for a while, rather then in the cold garage, I set about spraying them again, and presto, models restored.
The moral of the story being, if something happens that screws up your work, take a moment to calm down, think it through, and look for solutions, quite often you don't have to start over completely, but there's a simple technique to use to fix things.

Now as for how they look after managing to fix them, here's some pictures of the end result:

Both prisms front view

Both prisms front view

Both prisms top rear view

Both prisms rear view

Prism side view

Prism top down view

Fire prism turrets

I've been a bit busy lately getting my Necrons to a playable state, playing some actual games (omg Apocalypse is fun), and playing some computer games.
As such it's been a while since I made any progress on my Eldar, and because of that, I decided to work on them again this week.

I finished the fire prism turrets yesterday (magnetized so they can also be nightspinner turrets), and plan on finishing the nightspinner weapons, and the hulls this week as well (so coming in a post soon)

They're basically done, aside from needing a varnish spray, and then a gloss coat on the gems. (the prism weapons themselves still need the gems and some touching up obviously)

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets side view
It's a little hard to see on the pictures, but the prism crystals are in fact see through. I was quite happy with how they turned out :)

Nearly there

Continuing work on the skimmers.
All the bone plating is finished, it just needs the lines around them filled in.
Tomorrow it's time for the gems, and then the top hulls will all be finished.
After that just the bottom halves, and weapons/turrets to do.

Just a quick phone camera shot.

Fire prism / Nightspinner

Blocked out the main colors, and started on the lines, which will need some tidying up. Really shouldn't paint while tired to avoid mistakes.

2 Prism/Spinner hulls

Close up of the top hull half