Eldar Lynx pt2

After a good bit of progress on the first revenant titan, I had a bit of an issue with the masking tape being too strong... Suffice to say, I get to redo the whole body after scraping off all the paint.

Having since bought some tamiya masking tape instead, things are starting to progress again, and inbetween scraping off paint, I'm working on the lynx.

So far I've got the main colour scheme down, and now it's mostly just tidying up lines, and working on details.

Meanwhile the revenants really need to get done soon, so I can make space and time for the cobra mark II and Eldar Phantom Titan that I have since received:

Eldar Lynx

Well the power supply for the spray booth has finally arrived (Icelandic customs were a bit difficult for a while) so there should be progress on the titans very soon again.

In the mean while however, I was working on the fire drakes, which are nearly done prepping, while vulkan is chilling in a soapy bath.

I also could not resist working on the lynx a bit, and it looks awesome!
It currently has everything attached that doesn't need to be painted seperately, and is awaiting its soapy bath before painting.

While working on it, it felt like similar size to wave serpents/falcons/prisms.. then I put one next to it.

Vulkan lives

Well there's a bit of a delay on the titan as I nearly passed out using the airbrush. 

I've since gotten a proper mask and a spray booth, however unfortunately the power supply for the spray booth wasn't in the package.

While waiting for the replacement power supply I've instead been working on preparing the second revenant, and as a big package has just arrived I could not resist working a bit on Vulkan.

Coming up next, both revenant titans, a squadron of vypers, 2 wraith knights, vulkan, fire drakes, an eldar lynx and possibly some other stuff, as usual in random order

Back in action - Revenant titan

Well it's been a loooong time.
I took a year of not doing warhammer at all, and then when I got back to it, my friend and me decided to rename the blog and do it together... and then completely forgot about it for about 2 years.

I figure it's time to finally get back to it, and while I'm at it, it's been loooong overdue to finally finish on the revenant titan from (wow) 3 years ago. Too scared to work on it for several years, but now I have an airbrush, and got over the fear of drilling in to it a while ago, so there's progress!

I intend to finish the paint job on the titan itself by the end of the week, and then need to finish the base.

As for the blog, there should be more updates coming finally, and for multiple different armies.

Fire prisms and near disasters with varnish.

As I've had some issues with paint chipping off early on in my hobby "career", I, like many others, have taken to applying a spray of varnish over the models when I finish painting (or in between layers at times).

So far I've never had any issues, but when I recently finished a couple fire prisms, my day was pretty much ruined.

When I had let them dry, and took a look, they were literally hideous, the varnish had gathered in blotches all over the model, and it simply looked like the paint was peeling off over 90% of the model.

Having put quite a lot of work in to them in many sessions over the past few months, I went to bed extremely depressed, and very much not looking forward to having to redo them.

After a nights sleep, I realized the many times I've read about other people having issues with spray paint and varnish causing a huge amount of white dots, and other blemishes, and the advice I've usually given them myself (hey when annoyed with a model being ruined you don't think straight): Make sure it's not too cold, make sure it's not too warm, don't spray in high humidity, and if the varnish gets messed up, try another coat when it's better conditions, as due to the way varnish works, this will likely fill in the bits causing your ruined effect.

So having put the varnish in the living room for a while, rather then in the cold garage, I set about spraying them again, and presto, models restored.
The moral of the story being, if something happens that screws up your work, take a moment to calm down, think it through, and look for solutions, quite often you don't have to start over completely, but there's a simple technique to use to fix things.

Now as for how they look after managing to fix them, here's some pictures of the end result:

Both prisms front view

Both prisms front view

Both prisms top rear view

Both prisms rear view

Prism side view

Prism top down view

Fire prism turrets

I've been a bit busy lately getting my Necrons to a playable state, playing some actual games (omg Apocalypse is fun), and playing some computer games.
As such it's been a while since I made any progress on my Eldar, and because of that, I decided to work on them again this week.

I finished the fire prism turrets yesterday (magnetized so they can also be nightspinner turrets), and plan on finishing the nightspinner weapons, and the hulls this week as well (so coming in a post soon)

They're basically done, aside from needing a varnish spray, and then a gloss coat on the gems. (the prism weapons themselves still need the gems and some touching up obviously)

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets side view
It's a little hard to see on the pictures, but the prism crystals are in fact see through. I was quite happy with how they turned out :)

Eldar Nightwing finished

Well it took a while longer then I thought, but with actually playing some warhammer, and having family visit inbetween, it couldn't really be done faster.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, aside from the slightly bent brightlance at the bottom, unfortunately this one is incredibly tenacious in bending back in room temperature, no matter how many times I give it the hot water technique.

More Dark Eldar

Finished assembling the warriors and wyches, and got the 4th war walker ready for paint:

War walker waiting to be painted



Wyches up close

Warriors and war walker

Nightwing progress

Well after a night spent with a dustmask, craft knifes, files, hot water, cold soapy water, and safety glasses, there's some progress on the nightwing.

Nightwing basecoated, and ready to paint.

Forgeworld birthday goodies have arrived, Revenant titan, nightwing, and shadow spectres.

So my mom decided to send me some awesome Warhammer stuff for my birthday at the end of the month, and of course I could not resist opening them early, as they're already here.

There's the whole batch :), Revenant titan in the middle, Shadow spectre exarch bottom left, Shadow spectre phoenix lord Irillyth bottom right, nightwing top left, and shadow spectre squad top right.

Squad of shadow spectres.
Shadow spectre exarch

Phoenix lord Irillyth
Eldar Nightwing

Hurray the titan has all the parts \o/
It's huge.. note the wraithlord (WIP) next to the chest piece.

Fire Dragons

Finished the bone, and orange bits, just some cleaning up of the black, gems and highlighting left to do, but that'll have to wait until I'm back home with better lighting.

Back to painting

WOW! It's been a while..
After my paint group pretty much disintegrated, I guess I just didn't find the motivation to paint alone for a while, but that's changed!
I'm back with lots of plans for 6th edition, and will be updating more regularly again.

Not many pictures right now (still on vacation atm), but here's what I'm currently working on:

Fire dragons base coated in my Ulthwe scheme

Battlefoam 1520 XL Eldar loadout

I recently bought a battlefoam bag for my own birthday, and have to say I'm very pleased with what I received.

Having looked online for any pictures of how eldar fit in to it, and being unable to find any such pictures, I figured I'd do a little review, and show some pictures myself.

Warning: all models are work in progress, or not even at that stage yet :P

 To start out, I set a goal for what I wanted to have army wise, when I'm "done" with my eldar collection.
I managed to come up with about 8k worth of points (including weapon options on most) that would actually fit in this bag.

After figuring out which models I would need to fit, I started by selecting some standard trays:

1 x (Eldar) 12 Eldar Jetbike 18 Troop Foam Tray

1 x (Eldar) 30 Fire Dragon Foam Tray
1 x (Eldar) 25 Warp Spiders 11 Swooping Hawks Foam Tray
1 x (Eldar) Eldar Troop Foam Tray (BF-1) (1 inch)

Then I  modified the loadout of the "Eldar Named Character Troop Foam Tray", by asking to have the spaces for the 9 dire avengers at the bottom replaced with:
1 more Autarch with Power Sword space, 2 warlock with witchblade spaces, and 5 more warlock with singing spear spaces.

In addition I designed 3 trays myself with their tray creator:

After a few emails to discuss the details of what I wanted (mostly with regards to the named character tray), the bag arrived this last month.

It's made from canvas, with a rigid interior to protect the trays, so even when empty it stays in shape perfectly.
There's a zipper on the front, in which you can fit codexes and templates and such:

Then on each side there's a bigger bag, that will fit things like the BRB:

The handle bar will extend, similar to suitcases, and it has 2 wheels on the back so it can roll.
In addition the back has 2 bags, for which I am yet to find any use.. they're a bit too narrow and deep to put anything in it, that I can think of so far:

The bag opens on the front, so you can either take out the trays while it's standing up, or just lay it on its back and then take them out.
It fits about 22 inches of foam, and each tray comes with a bottom made out of stronger foam, so they're quite sturdy.

Now as I am magnetizing everything, I only need space for wave serpents without turrets (although they do fit even with turrets). As such, the custom tray I ordered will fit 2 wave serpents on top of each other, with a spacer inbetween (that was supplied as I asked for it). It is 4.5 inches thick so it will fit both, as well as my forgeworld avatar (sword version) in the 4 inch circle in the middle.
I also added a box on the side of the jetbike shapes, to fit the turrets:

4 serpents, up to 14 jetbikes.
I asked for some spacers for the jetbikes as well, and received the entire cutouts for each one, so I can make as many as I want really.
Jetbike cutout for spacers

Top wave serpent
Serpent spacer
Bottom serpent
Turret storage.

The second custom tray, I designed for 6 war walkers, 3 wraithlords, storage for any weapon options (both for the walkers/wraithlords, and the serpents) and another space for the avatar/anything else large.
This one is 5 inches deep, fitting the avatar with ease.
I also added a large rectangle for storage of any kind, and some smaller ones to hold weapons again.
Walker/wraithlord tray.
Warwalker in its slot.
Wraithlord in its slot.
The last custom tray is for fire prisms, and some more jetbikes, plus some more storage boxes, for the nightspinner weapons, and other things.
It's only 2.5 inches deep, so no spacers for this one.
Fire prism tray.
Fire prism in its slot, note the space in the front for the prism crystal, and the space in the back for the antenna.
The named character tray with my modications. (sorry I don't have any phoenix lords yet, and haven't done much work on any warlocks/farseers at this time:
Named char/warlock tray.

Warlock slot, he fits quite nicely.
Farseer, sorry no head/right arm, but should show how it fits.

Bone singer fits in one of the 3 standard slots.

As for standard trays, excuse the lack of heads/arms on the guardians and dire avengers. I'm just using them to show the size.

12 Eldar Jetbike 18 Troop Foam Tray
This one is 2 inches deep, so models can stand in the slots, quite handy with swords and pistols sticking out otherwise.
The dire avenger autarch fits on his back in the bigger slots.
Jetbike, and DA Exarch with banner.
Models can stand in these slots.
30 Fire Dragon Foam Tray. This will hold banshees/fire dragons/dire avengers.
1.5 inch deep.
Dire avengers will fit quite well in these it seems.
25 Warp Spiders 11 Swooping Hawks Foam Tray
1.5 inch deep. This will hold my spiders/swoops/dark reapers.

 And the last tray, is a standard Eldar Troop Foam Tray of 1 Inch.
In this one models will not be able to stand up, but lying down you can still fit quite a bit.

All in all I'm quite happy with the case. It takes some wiggling to get all the trays in, but once they're in it's rock solid, and I do love the storage for the codexes and BRB.