Back 2 Base-ix the rack, acrylic hobby desk organizer

Ever since the rest of my painting group decided to quit warhammer, I've had a pretty large table to myself.
Even so, I've managed to get so much stuff crammed in, that I still run out of space to put things.
This is the disaster that was my hobby area:

I decided it was time to do something about it, and after watching a blue table painting video on "the rack" from back 2 base-ix, this seemed the perfect solution.
The website offers multiple different parts, which connect with rare-earth magnets, to form a whole rack.
You can customize which parts you want, and which colors/material, and which paint types you want it to hold.
I opted for a multi-part rack, with space for tools, bits, GW paints, and vallejo paints.

Once it arrives, it's a little daunting.. all of it needs assembly, and I know what you're thinking, how hard can it be? Well... very, you definitely need the video manuals for at least the first section you try to put together.
Thankfully it comes with a DVD manual for this (although mine was missing, but after a quick message they sent me the DVD and a link to youtube versions to get going), so once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite easy to put together.

I received the following parts:

Main section with GW paints, and 2 drawers

Front view of main section
Bits box drawers

The bits boxes are included

Tool rack, with boxes for flock etc.
Tool rack front view.
Inner corner, with vallejo paint layout 

Inner corner front view
External corner with GW paint layout

As you may notice, the tool rack is currently missing its drawer, which is because I received a wrong sized one (another of the size for the main section), their customer service is pretty quick though, and a new one is already on its way.

All sections have 2 rare-earth magnets on the side, so once they're attached to each other they don't slide away from each other, and all sections come with rubber feet, so I've not seen any issues with keeping the whole thing together.

The only thing that was a bit dissapointing, is that the bits box doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the design. It's about half height, and simply box shaped so I had to leave it to the side.

Here's some pictures of the completed setup, with a much nicer hobby area as a result.

Side view from behind the vallejo corner

Tool rack, Internal and external GW corners, bits box on the far right.

Main section, tool rack, and internal GW corner

Vallejo corners, and main section

Main section and tool rack

Overview of entire rack

All in all, aside from some minor issues with delivery, which were rectified within half a hour, I'm extremely happy with the result.
I've got a nice hobby area now, with space for all my paints, and tools. and plenty of open space inbetween to work.
The rest of the table is suddenly nicely empty, so time to fit more models? ;)


  1. HI! Quick question for you. I occasionally have to relocate my work area from the family room down to the basement, when we have visitors. I was wondering if these racks are sturdy enough to just pick up and move module by module without unloading them first.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. I just moved mine from the attic to my new hobby room last week, with the paint still in it, the tools still in the tool rack etc.
    They're really quite sturdy, and this was no issue at all :)

    The only thing to pay attention to, is that on some of the racks, the top layer sits on top of a vertical part, and this could slide off, if you grab it by the layer itself. If you simply grab it on the sides/bottom it is fine.