Fire prism turrets

I've been a bit busy lately getting my Necrons to a playable state, playing some actual games (omg Apocalypse is fun), and playing some computer games.
As such it's been a while since I made any progress on my Eldar, and because of that, I decided to work on them again this week.

I finished the fire prism turrets yesterday (magnetized so they can also be nightspinner turrets), and plan on finishing the nightspinner weapons, and the hulls this week as well (so coming in a post soon)

They're basically done, aside from needing a varnish spray, and then a gloss coat on the gems. (the prism weapons themselves still need the gems and some touching up obviously)

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets front view

Fire prism turrets side view
It's a little hard to see on the pictures, but the prism crystals are in fact see through. I was quite happy with how they turned out :)

The tomb world awakens

I've spent most of last and this month on things other then painting and assembling models for once.
Played some apocalypse, played some computer games, and played a game against Necrons with my Eldar.

The Necron game really made me want to start working on my own necrons, and as such that is what I'm currently up to.

I only just started these, so they're very much work in progress, but that'll change quite soon.
Currently I'm working on a squad of warriors, a destroyer, overlord and some scarabs.

The mighty?? Necron warhost

The destroyer currently still has the standard green rods, but I want these necrons to stand out a bit more, so those, and the rods for the warriors, will be replaced with blue rods as soon as I get them in.

This is also the reason for the blue orbs and such on the overlord.

Overlord with ressurection orb

Overlord side view

Overlord rear/side view

The catacomb command/annihilation barge that came with the overlord, I still need to magnetize some bits on, so that will be in a future update, as well as hopefully some more paint work on these models.