Some changes

So as I am getting to that point where I have multiple armies, and even different game systems, I want to be able to post my progress on those as well.

The blog however is mainly for my Eldar, and as such I didn't want everything mixed in together.

I've done some massive edits to the main page template, so I can hide certain posts from here (in other words other armies/games), yet display them on other pages.

I am still going to show them in the blog archive links, and in the feed, so it'll be obvious that there is something new, but for the blog itself they will be separate from now on.

You'll note the Dark Eldar, and Necrons links for now in the navigation above (yes I know Necrons don't have any posts yet ;)) as those are armies I have currently.

Please let me know if anything stops working, or looks odd after my messing around in the template code, by shooting me an email at shadowbreed223 (at)

Eldar Nightwing finished

Well it took a while longer then I thought, but with actually playing some warhammer, and having family visit inbetween, it couldn't really be done faster.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, aside from the slightly bent brightlance at the bottom, unfortunately this one is incredibly tenacious in bending back in room temperature, no matter how many times I give it the hot water technique.

More Dark Eldar

Finished assembling the warriors and wyches, and got the 4th war walker ready for paint:

War walker waiting to be painted



Wyches up close

Warriors and war walker

The dark kin has arrived

Wellp, I had planned to paint the nightwing this past week, however these guys decided to show up and ally with my main force:

Dark Eldar reavers

Dark Eldar archon

Dark Eldar raider with crew, the gunner, steersman,and magnetized weapons are on the right

Raider top view

As I plan to use these with the rest of my current army soon, I'm finishing them first :)
Working on a squad of wyches, and a squad of DE warriors tomorrow.