Lava bases

Well I took a break from painting to play some world of tanks, and to finally get to making a mold of the 60mm lava base I made with green stuff.
Thankfully it was a great success.

A single air bubble, and a tiny bit of rubber that stuck to the original, both of which don't really matter much.

All in all I'm extremely happy with how this turned out:

Original base from green stuff, and a lava rock from the drive way
The mold shorty after de-molding (cleaned up the edges since then)

 I don't currently have measuring cups small enough to mix the resin to cast just a single base like this, and they're actually quite difficult to find in Iceland it appears, so I'll be making molds of the 40mm and 25mm bases before the first casting in the future.

Update: After suddenly finding some mini-measuring cups, there is now a result!

Nearly there

Continuing work on the skimmers.
All the bone plating is finished, it just needs the lines around them filled in.
Tomorrow it's time for the gems, and then the top hulls will all be finished.
After that just the bottom halves, and weapons/turrets to do.

Just a quick phone camera shot.

Fire prism / Nightspinner

Blocked out the main colors, and started on the lines, which will need some tidying up. Really shouldn't paint while tired to avoid mistakes.

2 Prism/Spinner hulls

Close up of the top hull half

Wraithlord WIP

Ulthwe wraithlord progress.

The head has its final color:

Body with wash, the bone needs a drybrush, and then some highlighting to be done, then it's on to the rest of the body.