Forgeworld Avatar has arrived

 Some of the pictures look moved, but this is just the shadows, from weird light angles. The model pieces themselves should be in proper focus.
I'll fix the lighting in future pictures.



 Right arm:

Left arm with wailing doom:


Now as this is clearly going to be one of the main visuals in my army, it is going to take a long time to paint, as I want it to look epic. More to come!

Wave serpent WIP

The gems still need to all be painted, and the eye of isha added to the back bone panels.
Also planning to make the front triangle bone after some consideration.

Had an unfortunate accident with the varnish, which is the cause for the canopy fog, which I'll fix soon, and the weapons aren't on the turret in this picture, as they're magnetized and I had the serpent here only for size comparison with the fortress.

Fortress of Redemption

Started work on the Fortress of Redemption today.

All the large bits laid out for prep work:

Left bunker with lascannon stand primed and assembled:
Tower assembly:

Right bunker with missile silo, primed and assembled:

Dry fit of the walkways and tower base:

Tower on its base, Wave Serpent added for size comparison:

Fortress assembly completed, and primed: